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Welcome to Ticky-Tacky Press! We are currently located in a small town, in a big valley, somewhere in the Northwest, and pride ourselves on being anything but the same old same old. We are dedicated to producing 'zines, books, and other printed matter that reflect our off-kilter sensibility. Our online shop is stocked with unique items perfect for anyone looking for something a little different, and that has a love for the quirky and unconventional.

Artists and
Regular Contributors


Mixed Media Artist

Creative and maker of things big and small...mostly small.  



A master of none. 

Talents few and far between.

But a willingness to give a good solid effort.



Raised on a balanced diet of 80s cartoons, children's books and sci-fi, and trained in classical techniques, I mix digital with analog depending on my mood. If you like anthropomorphic animals driving racecars I'm your guy.

Odd Jane

Artist and Writer

Not unlike Mr. X, Odd Jane prefers to work anonymously and undercover. Perhaps one day they will reveal their true identity to the world, but for now it's under wraps. 

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